Alina Smirnova, March 2018

4 weeks ago
Anya has been my colourist for many years and I have never left unhappy. But as a salon overall, I love the Hair Artisans. It’s cozy and bright, all the staff are wonderful and skilled at what they do, the products they use are consistently high-quality. I have tried several salons around mid-town Toronto, and this is by far my favourite.

Ruby Tano, November 2017

I appreciate that they are open on Sundays. They have a great, clean salon and knowledgeable staff. Friendly smiles all around. They work with you and your hair and have a consultation before any work is done. Definitely would recommend.

Erin Gallagher, May 2017

Great hair salon with really friendly and knowledgeable staff. I am always worried about getting my hair cut and dyed because a lot could go wrong but I really trust everyone here. Emma does my balayage and she does a great job!! Would Definitely recommend the salon.

Kelly E. Chamlee, May 2016

Rebecca has coloured and styled my hair many times over the years. She is very knowledgeable on what colour will actually work for you. She is warm and easy to talk to which makes the whole experience even better. She is passionate about health, not just beauty. All the products she uses are ones she feels are the safe for the clients. Definitely a place to try!

Vanessa Cervantes, March 2016

My hair color is great. Thanks to Emma, she is amazing.

Breanne Williams, February 2016

I have been going to this salon since they opened. The staff is warm, friendly and very knowledgeable. I always leave happy with the service they provide and overall experience.

Erica, Toronto, Canada, 9/27/2015
Everything Mom and Baby

Last Saturday I had the most amazing hair appointment I think ever….I left the salon with a bounce to my step feeling beautiful and I’ve never felt like that before.  I went to Hair Artisans.
I was in desperate need of getting my roots done as getting out alone can be hard.  I was disappointed in my old hair dresser and was tired of being duped in prices at another salon.  You know when they give you a price and when you go to cash out it’s much more? Yeah.  So I was on the hunt for a new salon.

I googled and googled and then I  noticed Hair Aritsans since  I walk by them often enough as they are in my ‘hood.  I then extensively checked out reviews, instagram feeds to see the work of their hair artisans and I decided to book an appointment.  First time customers get $20 off!

I went in early Saturday morning and met with Emma and Fiona.  I had the most thorough hair consult ever.  Going over expectations and the reality of my hair and what can be done.  Emma gave me the most amazing highlights.  She fixed my hair as my roots were so gross and her blending of colour was perfection.  I had my natural colour  mixed in with some brass from the lifting of my roots when I got my hair done in the past and now it is perfect and a beautiful shade of blonde.
I then met with Fiona.  She talked me through what would be best for my fine hair and gave me a great cut. What do you think? How do I look?


Notice how dry and ugly my ends are in the before and smooth and healthy looking in my after pic?  I had an Olaplex treatment done (it’s an additional $40) and I highly, highly, highly recommend you get this done.  It is seriously an amazing treatment as I’ve never heard of Olaplex before.  I’ll go into a little on the products used at Hair Artisans as they are vegan, cruelty-free and ammonia-free hair care products.

This is one of my favourite products….EVER.  It bonds your hair.  It reduces breakage and can be added to colour, bayalage, perm, any chemical service etc.  It’s “insurance for your hair”.   It strengthens and conditions and this has to be the best  treatment product I have used on my hair.  I also bought a bottle of Step #3($35) as I couldn’t leave home with out it.  If you colour your hair a lot you need to do this.

“Olaplex is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten and is never tested on animals. Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services.”

It will make your hair stronger and healthier and colour will last longer.   Call Hair Artisans Salon and come in for a treatment.  You can thank me later.  Check out Olaplex on instagram to see it’s magic.

Another great line at Hair Artisans.  I love the shampoo and conditioner Nou Nou.  Since using Davines I have noticed a serious improvement in my hair.  I think I may never go back to drug store brands.  In fact…I never will, it pays to use quality and  Davines is my new favourite.  I love how my hair feels and looks.  I have always been into skincare but forgot about using the right products for my hair.  The NOU NOU conditioner doesn’t way down the hair, NOU NOU shampoo is gentle and washes very nicely.

This is not a sponsored post.  I just had to tell you all about Hair Artisans and if you are looking for a new salon I can assure you will find your little hair haven with them.   My hair is in the best condition it has ever been in thanks to the high quality products and the best part? The salon is affordable and open 7 days a week!  Check them out and let them know I referred you.  Thanks!

Raisin O., Dublin, Republic of Ireland, 9/22/2015

I never used to bother with my hair until I went to Hair Artisans.

A friend had tried to dye my hair red which resulted in pink roots. My horror at this sent me flying to the hairdresser. The Stylist looked at my hair and reassured me that she could fix it. She advised me on exactly what she was going to do and why. I felt so reassured as she obviously knew what she was talking about. I was delighted with the result. She fixed my roots and managed to dye my hair a dark red. She then cut my hair in a different style that matched the shape of my face but she did it so I could also tie all my hair back which I need to be able to do. All the while she kept up a friendly banter which put me at ease.

The stylist then advised me that the shampoo I was using was not good for my hair as it was leaving it dry and brittle (I was using a very cheap shampoo). She advised me on different brands and I switched to Kevin Murphy. After I switched the condition of my hair has markedly improved. I will never switch back.

I have returned since and we have been working on getting my hair a lighter red. I love my trips here because the atmosphere is so friendly and I know that the person doing my hair is an expert.

La M., Toronto, Canada, 5/11/2015

Have had my hair done by three different stylists here and I have ALWAYS left with a smile on my face! My favourite salon in Toronto!

Nicky M., Toronto, Canada, 5/5/2015

I had my hair cut by Emily 2 days ago, I can honestly say it is the best cut I have had in years .Emily has cut my hair 3 times now, she listens to what you want, is very skilled at cutting and is truly very, very good at what she does.

She is relatively new to the salon, trained like many of the other staff by the best in Ireland.
When you find a good hairdresser – you stay with them.  I am happy that Emily moved to Canada and joined the team at Hair Artisans.

Jenna P., Toronto, Canada, 2/25/2015

The services here are of pretty high quality. One star off for inconsistencies, but there is a willingness to repair. This keeps me coming back.

Jody N., Toronto, Canada, 5/22/2014

Rebecca did a colour correction for me recently. She is very professional and very patient. She cares about what I thought and what I wanted to see for my colour.

I am happy with the results and would recommend her…. I will definitely be going back!

Athena G., Toronto, Canada, 9/19/2013

I cannot recommend this place enough! Monique was my stylist and she was friendly and talkative. She also, with only showing her one picture was able to get the idea of what i wanted while at the same time checking in to make sure i was happy. This salon has an upscale yet friendly atmosphere and i can’t wait to go back 🙂

Joann Q. Toronto, Canada, 3/2/2013

I went here to get a full colour done and had Georgina do my hair.  Not only was she fantastic to be around but she did a great job on my hair. The atmosphere was great the workers there were so inviting and I will tell everyone to go there now as she is my new colourist!  Finally happy to find a place that can do  great work with  my hair!

C.M., Toronto, Canada, 10/24/2012

It doesn’t really get much better than Rebecca for colour.  After trying a number of salons and DIY solutions I sat myself in her chair and my hair looks healthy, shiny and perfectly me.  For my cut Monique talked me though what she was thinking and asked a lot of questions about how long i like to spend on my hair and what annoys me most (bangs in my face).  The end result – an AMAZING cut. I am totally floored by these ladies. I feel like a super model.